The Right Cardio Machines for Golfers

homefitnessintelGolf games last for hours and you have to increase your stamina to be able to last a whole game. Most golfers are business people who have very busy schedules and barely have time to go to the gym. To get a good cardio exercise, they are advised to buy a cardio equipment to do exercise at home. There are many cardio machines that promise to give you the cardio exercise that you need for a healthy body. If you are shopping for a good cardio machine to use at home, you need to identify which kind is best for you. Read this guide to give you an idea about the different types of cardio machine that you can use.


These are used for basic exercises like jogging, walking and running. Good quality treadmills have the ability to change its speed as well as its incline up to 15%. Most treadmills come with safety features like automatically stopping by pressing a switch as well as side handles that you can hold to for support. There are also treadmills that support heart rate monitors. If you are serious about your training, it’s good to monitor your heart rate while running to know if you are improving or not. If you’re looking into doing more than just cardio, a rowing machine can be used. It’s great for cardio and muscle development.

Recumbent Stationary Bikes

These bikes are perfect for people who are lazy but want to get a good cardio workout. If you’ve been to gyms before, you will see many people reading a magazine or watching TV while on this machine. Just like any other cardio machine, you will be able to elevate your heart rate on a recumbent bike but you also need to put more effort. You can try using the hill profiles for a harder incline and better workout.

Elliptical Trainers

This machine is famous because it offers non-impact exercises. Non-impact exercise means there is minimal force on a person’s joints and bones while they exercise. There are two main types of elliptical machines; one is has handles that allow upper and lower body push-pull movement. This machine increases its intensity by adding more resistance. The other type doesn’t have any handles but allows the level of incline of the foot rests to be adjusted.


The Stairmaster mimics the motion of climbing steps, but you use your body weight to push the steps down. The difficulty of this machine can be increased causing the steps to fall faster and make you climb faster as well. You are working against gravity every time you use the Stairmaster, and it’s considered to be more difficult than other types of cardio machines. That being said, it’s been told that stair masters are a bit hard on the knees so if you suffer from any knee problem, this probably is not the best cardio machine for you.


Stepmills is not a machine for those who are only beginning to do a cardio workout. This machine imitates climbing stadium steps that are never ending. The steps are pretty narrow, and it makes for an awkward exercise if you are not used to it. Although it’s not that easy to use this machine, it’s one of the best ones to keep your heart rate up.

What an Indoor Golf Course should Have

airconditionerlabGolf is a great sport that promotes focus and patience for the player. It also helps with strategic planning as you try to get the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes possible. There are different ways to enjoy and practice for a golf game. There are those who practice their swing in a drive range while others like to experience the whole game play in an indoor golf course. An indoor golf course should be complete for the best experience and practice. Here are what you need to have to start an indoor golf course at home or in your office.

A Golf Simulator

A golf simulator lets you play golf on a simulated course through a machine that projects a graphical representation of the golf course. This is used in an indoor setting and is a system used by golf players to keep on playing regardless of time and weather. Golf simulators have been made available since the early 70’s. They are priced from under $200 to the very expensive ones that cost thousands of dollars.

The golf simulator system uses a projected landscape that sometimes has natural images. The trajectory of the ball is calculated by the computer with the data that it gets from your swing. The flight of the ball is then projected on the screen with the projector.

Simulator Mats

Most of the golf simulators today need a sensor mat. This is a rectangular mat that has many infrared sensors as well as microchips that monitors the speed of your club. It also looks at the angle of your club as well as the club speed as your ball and the club passes by the sensors.

Sonic Sound Systems

This uses microphones that are strategically placed around the impact screen. It measures and compares the force of the sound produced when the ball hits the screen. The microphones use the sound and calculate it accordingly. This system is very rarely used for modern golf simulators.

Optical Sensor Systems

This has 2 banks of infra red sensors that scan both the X and Y directions. As the ball passes through the first batch or sensors, it plots its X and Y coordinates. It then passes through the second set of sensors and the same coordinates are taken down again. It compares the result of the first and second batches to determine the speed and path of the ball. This is a very accurate and very expensive system and not most people have this.

Air conditioner

A good indoor golf course should feel comfortable enough so the player gets to concentrate and do well. A good air conditioner is best to keep the room cool and help the players relax. There are many types of air conditioner that will fit your indoor golf course but the best one should be the portable air conditioner so you can transport it whenever you need to move your indoor golf room without having to buy a new air conditioner.

How to Stay Fit: Pick a Sport and a Diet

gmdietIt’s very important to get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. Sweating releases toxins and relieves stress to make the body perform better and stay stronger. Staying fit doesn’t only take enough exercise but should also go hand in hand with a balanced diet to really make it work. For example, enrolling yourself in a gym but eating fast food everyday will not promote weight loss but might actually cause you to gain more weight. There are many kinds of diets that are available for you to choose from and it’s only up to you to find out which one will work for you. One of the most popular types of diet that is being practiced globally is juicing. Juicing is the process of extracting the vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables with the use of a machine called a juicer. Since juicing has been accepted internationally and is even being endorsed by many celebrities, there are many juicers that were released in the market. If you’ve decided to try juicing and are looking out for a good quality juicer, here are the best juicers that you can think buy today.

Magimix Le Duo XL

This is a new and improved version of its predecessor and was launched earlier this year so everyday juicing can be more effective and easy. This juicer is available cream, black and satin so it can look very smart in your kitchen and handle everything from the smallest to the largest fruit size.

Philips 1861

This machine has everything that you need within it. It features a large chute, big jug motor with two speeds for soft and hard fruits as well as a great pulp bin for waste. It is very quiet and makes juice very fast. The best feature of this machine is that it makes very smooth and tasty juice.

L’Equip Omni Juicer

This is a very durable and quiet machine that can juice everything that you want. You can juice wheatgrass, vegetables, roots and fruits and there will be no problem with it. It will also regulate it as well so you can make pasta, purees and sorbets with it.

Logik L50WFJ11

If you don’t want the features but you’re not too worried about getting your juice in a hurry. This machine is a good inexpensive option with one litre capacity 2 speed settings and is also dishwasher friendly.

Cuisinart Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor

You can look at this bulky machine and you can say that juicers aren’t worth any money. The best feature of this machine is the easy unlock and lift system and its adjustable spout that removes the drips and spills. This means it’s very practical and efficient that makes top-notch juice.

Omega Vert

This may be a bit expensive but it’s the best family juicer being sold today. Not only does it make cold and nutritious cold pressed juice in a short amount of time compared to other machine. However, there are soft juices that are difficult to juice with this machine. Omega also has a wheatgrass juicer, the Omega J8006.

Golf and Archery: People with Different Personalities

bestrecurvebowsGolf is a game played on an open air course where golfers strike a small hard ball with a club into a number of small holes on the ground. The goal is to use the fewest strikes possible to complete one whole course. Archery is the practice of using a bow to shoot arrows. In history, archery was used for combat and hunting. Today, it is used mainly for recreational activity and as a form of competitive sport. A person who practices archery is called a bowman or an archer. Golfers and archers do not only differ in the kind of sport that they practice but they also differ in personalities and characteristics.

Golfers say that a part of a successful swing is a good amount of self respect and confidence. For golfers, this two can be attained by practicing positive self talk. Tell yourself things like well hit, nice putt or good try to enhance your game mentally. This is important to condition your mind to only think good positive thoughts. You can then take this mental pattern that you use in the game and apply it to your life. Another important quality is to believe that you are strong enough to handle any hardship and challenges that may come. You need to imagine yourself as strong and resilient and you can get through any situation that you put yourself into. This kind of mental attitude coupled with understanding and compassion will surely have a good effect on your game.

Golf professionals agree that you need to visualize a perfect flight of your ball before you even make contact with it. It is based on the theory that our body does anything that the mind creates. Creating relaxation and visualization in your mind will not only be good for your game but will also affect your health and relaxation. Course management is another skill that a golfer needs to develop. This means that you need to have great mental and good judgment so you can think situations through and execute the correct shot.

Archery has a basic structure made of two components: the arrow and the bow. There are many types of bows but the most popular one is the recurve bow which packs more power and has a higher accuracy compared to other bows. Archers need to spend a lot of time on their trained stance which provides a strong foundation while shooting arrows. A great stance that is both correct and steady coupled with a body posture that is aligned to his bow and his eyes will allow for a great arrow launch. Archers need to develop patience and be disciplined enough to always have the correct stance. Failure to have a correct stance while shooting arrows can hurt the archer physically and may cause him to lose his prey. Archers need to have a clear mind when hunting or competing in a tournament. A clear mind will allow them to focus and launch successful arrows that hits the target everytime.

How to Choose a Sewing Machine to Make Golf Apparel

golf sosewGolf is a great hobby to take up because it increases patience, develops focus and gives you enough exercise to keep you happy. Most people who play golf start it as a hobby and fall in love with beauty and technicality of the sport as they go along. Playing golf is said to relieve stress and clear a person’s mind so most people who play the sport are businessmen who need time away from work.

Playing golf is not for everyone because the gears that you use for it are not very cheap. You also need to join a club and pay subscription fees to enjoy the game. Just like any other sport, there are clothes that you need to wear while playing golf. Because playing the sport itself is already costly, there are those who want to save up on their apparel by sewing their own clothing. It can sound like a difficult task but once you get into it, it can be pretty fun. This idea is a great way to build another hobby and at the same time, save money. If you are new to sewing and don’t really know what to look for in a good sewing machine, here are some tips to help you out.


There are many brands that you will see once you start browsing around for a sewing machine. Brands like Singer, Janome, Kenmore, White, Brother and many more are a few of the most popular ones in the market today. If you are having a hard time considering what brand you want to buy, you need to know how the machine is built and where it’s made. Some brands rely on plastic instead of using metal parts which kills the durability of the machine. When it comes to where the sewing machine was manufactured, think if you want a product that was made in America and find a US manufacturer. One of the best sewing machines that are made in America is Janome. They also have good machines for kids.


Sewing machines are like cars in a sense that you have to think ahead so that you can match it with your needs. Think of what projects you want to consider making and find a machine that is best for you.

Some machine have options for one step buttonholes or stretch stitches while some have specialty feer and quilting features. What you don’t want to do is to get a machine that is too basic because you might outgrow it easily. You also should not be talked into a machine with too much features that you don’t need. If you have a friend that knows a lot about sewing machines, you better take them with you while you shop.


Quality sewing machines are not very cheap so be prepared to shell out some cash if you want to buy one. Try to get the best value for your money but you first have to come up with a budget that fits you. There are mid-range sewing machines that you ranges from $500-$700. Remember that machines made of plastic will cost less but you are also sacrificing its durability if you choose it.